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EMIS 2016

7th Meeting of “Endourology and minimally invasive surgery” and

“1st SEGUR Workshop on Urolithiasis”

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On 1st and 2nd of April 2016 in hotel Hilton, Sofia, was held ‘7th Meeting of Endourology and minimally invasive surgery’ and ‘1st SEGUR Workshop on Urolithiasis’.

The symposium is an annual scientific manifestation, organized by Military Medical Academy, Urology and Nephrology Department of the Military Medical Academy, the EAU Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS), South-Eastern Group for Urolithiasis (SEGUR) and the Bulgarian Assossiassion of Endourology and extracorporeal lithotripsy, with scientific program that represents contemporary tendencies of endourology and minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

The Scientific-Practical program included State-of-the art lectures held by some of the top European lecturers, ‘Live surgery’ sessions, ‘Hands-on-training’ sessions, moderated poster and video session, discussion of clinical cases.
The thematic exactness of the symposium in one very topical and fast developing sector of the modern high tech urology, and the various forms of learning and gaining practical experience, makes it very popular with the urologists that have the desire to advance their skills in that direction. This is the reason that colleagues from all around the country and young colleagues are participating. That gives us guaranty that more and more urologic clinics and departments will be willing to develop and start using these methods for diagnostic and treatment in their daily activity.

The scientific committee of the symposium was composed of 30 prominent specialists and university lecturers – 15 from Bulgaria and 15 from abroad. They represented 11 countries – Austria, Bulgaria, UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, FYROM, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. These countries are represented by people that not only are very good specialists but they have the mission to educate, develop and share their knowledge.

Traditionally, big interest among the participants aroused because of the ‘Live surgery’ sessions. They are one very peculiar and provoking form of sharing knowledge and experience, in time of up to date scientific activities, with accent on determined portion of the contemporary surgery. Big challenge and big advantage of this form is the fact that everything takes place at this very moment, live. All the stages of a surgery can be seen and commented in real time – the potentialities, indications, contraindications, difficulties, possible complications and how are we supposed to avoid them, how to react to them. Some tips and tricks could be shared that would prevent some disappointments by gaining empirical experience. And last but not least, the importance of the good teamwork could be demonstrated.

‘1st SEGUR Workshop on Urolithiasis was held during the first day of the symposium. That is international educational project for theoretical and practical education, organised by South-Eastern Group for Urolithiasis Research (SEGUR) and committed to the modern methods for diagnostic, treatment and metafilactics of the urolithiasis. I’m proud that the idea of the creation of that scientific group was created in Sofia, during the 4th edition of the symposium. 8 clinical centers for treatment of urolithiasis are represented in the group. They are from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, FYROM, Romania, Serbia, Turkey (two centers). Portugal is participating as an associated member. The aims of that organization are conducting scientific research in the fields of epidemiology, pathogenesis, treatment and metafilactics of urolithiasis, applying high standards in researching and treatment of that widespread for that region disease. The organizing of similar scientific-practical courses is yet another aim. The decision that we are the first hosts, was taken unanimously on the meeting of the board of SEGUR, that took place in Istanbul in December 2015. That trust was earned because of our experience and high evaluation, that we received because of the good organization and the high level of our traditional symposium. The overall valuation is that we completely justified the trust and expectations, and we gave really good start of that initiative.

This year we included a novelty in the organization of the symposium that relates to technology. During the symposium we provided an opportunity for viewing and listening to the presentations in real time, online. That way, all the colleagues who didn’t get the chance of personally attending the symposium, could attend the conference hall through their computer, tablet or smartphone. There were 640 visitors through the platform and they were not only from Bulgaria but from abroad too. For us, that shows that the program was interesting and useful. That’s why we uploaded the lectures in the website of the symposium as a webcast, to be used by the colleagues every time they want. (www.urolithiasis.endourology.bg)

For another year, I would like to thank the management of the Military Medical Academy for their support and opportunity to continue and develop that tradition. It all began as a scientific-practical education on endourology for the educational program of the Urology and Nephrology Department of the Military Medical Academy and gradually became an international scientific event. I would also like to thank all the members of the Scientific committee from Bulgaria and abroad that despite their intensive daily schedule, are happy and willing to share their professional experience and knowledge with our colleagues. I thank all the firms which helped us, without which we wouldn’t be able to create that event and thank all the firms that are responsible for participating in the organization and the conduction of the symposium. Big thanks to our media partners as well.
Sofia, April 2016